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Our Team in Rieti
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10--Official Competition Day 4

Now we're actually on July 10th and it is actually Day 4. All the pilots have been launched, Pat Francois and Manfred are through the start gate and Mark and Chip are waiting to start. Jonathan took a relight to replace some wing tape which was putting up some very objectionable noise.

I would like to correct some information I posted earlier. The person who was kind enough to help Manfred with his IPAQ cable repair was Lucas Marchesini, CEO of DSX (Vehicle Dynamic Systems). Again--Thanks!

Yesterday Pat took two relights before he was able to maintain altitude. For those of you reading the "Ritz Corner" you will have seen comments about the relights and in fact it was mentioned that W2 was on the ground for a third time and had no more chances for the day. She mentioned that she was quite sorry for the pilot.Then she mentioned that the Team Captain had turned in a start time for W2, and that she would have to check it out. As it turns out, someone had seen W2 parked behind his trailer and had mentioned it to her. What they had seen was the other W2 on the field. Not Pat.

Ritz De Luy, who is writing the column came over to me this morning and expressed great concern that she may have offended us with her remarks. I told her that she had not in any way offended us and that we actually were quite amused with the writeup, since we knew there was another PW5 identified as W2 here on the field. That glider was withdrawn from the contest.

The photo shows our office setup again this year. !
As the afternoon gets later the amount of shade diminishes and everyone sort of shifts in closer and closer. Later in the afternoon we get shade from a couple of the trees and the folks spread out again

And for your entertainment I'm attaching some photos our youngest crew member--Jacob--has been taking while here on the grid. More later, Richard

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PMSC Member said...

Thanks for all the reporting, Richard! We appreciate all the news we can get, and we don't really care if you get any sleep.

Good luck to the team.

-Rick Sheppe